Venetian Masks

Once we put the mask on, the methamorphosis takes place so that we become what we want to be. "A mask tell us much more than a face" Oscar Wilde

Fancy mask

Illusion, magic and dream hide behind the mask that it just shows the look through which, you can see the true inner.


The illusion of being able to transform a simple lump of clay into a unique piece of art for your home.

Make up, Characterization and Fashion Designing

The transformation we go through is a placebo that eliminates shame and stimulates the confidence in ourselves..

Adult Painting on Fabric

Painting on fabric involves moving a painting from the wall to a garment illuminating an art work with the body as support.

Children Painting on fabric

Children can enjoy wearing fun clothes, but at the same time they are a work of art.

Personalized Sculptures

Shaped personalized figures by order, here you will find the cherry of the cake for your celebrations, an original gift for birthday, anniversaries, weddings and any type of event