Carlo Franco - Biography

I was born at the end of October in 1982 into an artists' family, thankfully I have had the opportunity to grow in the workshop of one of my art myths, my grandfather Manuel Franco, a wonderful artist and musician who luckily left a great legacy of grand works for which he will be remembered eternally.My mother Felisa Franco, a magnificent painter who has always guided me on the way of artistic sensibility, and my aunt Ana Franco, an artist for definition in all the aspects of her life. They were the ones who taught me to love art since my childhood and to enjoy it through games and to establish myself as theirstudent forever.

I have always been interested in the three-dimensional aspects of sculpture, which led me to study 'Arts applied to the sculpture in the art school 'La Palma' where I met the sculptor Pablo De Arriba, one of my teachers to whom I owe most of my acquired knowledge. I deeply admire him and I can proudly refer to as one of my best friends.

Later I studied a master of Fine arts in the CES Philip II of Aranjuez, where I met Ana Balboa, an astonishingly wise woman, undoubtedly a transparent person anxious to teach and learn. I owe her everything I learned in 5 years ofmy career in Fine arts.

My obsession of integrating the spectator in the process led me to work in different artistic manifestations related to scenography and transformation, involving photography, prosthetic makeup for cinema and television, stage design, atrezzo and costumes for numerous theatre plays and performances.

All these interests became one form of art, creating and bringing to reality the ephemeral illusions both in a room of exhibitions and on a set or a stage. It led me to materialize this union of concepts in masks that cover the face as an elegant and baroque way of reality. The mysterious, impersonal and obscure beauty a mask provides causes a morbid suspense only increased by the fact that it allows us to barely guess the eyes of who it is, as a little hole through which to undress the person who wears it.